Acting II
Class type:
Class level: Intermediate
Class duration: 1 hour
Prerequisites: Acting I / Teacher Recommendation
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Offered for ages: 10-15 / 10-18 / 12-18
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Cost: $79.50/month

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This class is designed for students who have taken at least one year of Acting I at the Acting Studio and receive a teacher’s recommendation that they are ready for Acting II. We will be building on the foundation set in Acting I using additional exercises and emotional preparation to add depth to the students’ work. We will continue to dive deeper into character development through scene study and monologue audition preparation.

Life Skills: BE AUTHENTIC!

  • Grow self awareness
  • Expand self worth
  • Take bigger risks
  • Develop focus & commitment
  • Practice awareness & empathy
  • Learn responsibility & preparation
  • Practice respect for self & others
  • Use good manners