Advanced Broadway Ballet/Jazz
Class level: Advanced
Class duration: 1 hour
Prerequisites: None
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Offered for ages: 13-18
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Cost: $83.50/month

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Students must have taken at least two years of Ballet/Jazz I and receive a teacher’s recommendation for this class. Dancers will now go in depth with lyrical, ballet & jazz technique, addressing college and Broadway audition skills, individual creativity through dance improv, applying acting skills to tell the story through dance, explore “Make it Work” situations, and push your “full out” to new levels!


  • Be comfortable in your skin & fill up the space
  • Use your talent to create new possibilities
  • Communicate effectively through movement to a team
  • Be adaptable & embrace the unexpected
  • Trust yourself & lean into your instincts
  • Broaden your perspective
  • Be a leader & think like a choreographer
  • Gain a healthy perspective on competition
  • Have the courage to take bold risks
  • Expand focus & commitment
  • Practice respect for self & others
  • Use good manners